Stop starting, start finishing

Why Agile?

'Business as usual' does not work anymore. Complex environments and volatile markets make plans obsolete and uncertainty arise. Businesses and workspaces change.

Lean is all around. Design Thinking helps us to find the right problems & the right solutions. Project management needs to be integrated with culture, communications and leadership.

My name is Christian and I am maker. Project coordinator, Scrum Master, Trainer and Coach.
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Christian Klang
Danziger Str. 88
10405 Berlin
M: +49 171 11 91 051
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Project Management

Project Management

I have seen agile and classic project management practices fail. It is not like pushing a button and work 'smarter not harder'. Companies are systems which cannot be changed over night. So project management needs to get integrated with culture, communications and leadership.

Product Management

Product Management

What makes the right product? Design Thinking and Lean focuses on customer needs and works with iterations and prototyping. In my own practice as a startup founder Lean is the only way to work and Design Thinking the only way to think. The right product is the only way to go.

Coaching for Leadership

For me coaching and training is not only a skill, it is an attitude. In a world where we see leaders as extraordinary hands-on and ambitious people we sometimes forget the team. Nobody is a born leader. So we need to support young professionals to become as hands-on and ambitious as we are.